Start Of Week Template

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The start of week template will enable you to create a beautiful ritual that will get you present, get connected and get going. This helps you strengthen the vigour of your community, experience an empowering form of togetherness and puts wind in the sails for your purpose driven endeavour.

By implementing rituals at the start of the week, we can more readily find ground to stand on, connect with the people in our communities, and reach a place that is in tune with what we are here to do.

Start of week rituals are very enjoyable to take part in and will over time bring a lot of joy to your community.



We want to ensure that community leaders from different parts of the globe can use your templates, hence we are offering this template based on Pay What You Can basis.

Our recommended price for downloading the template is 10$

If you are coming from financially restricted communities, please don't hesitate to write 0 as the fair price. We would love it if you can support your communities through meaningful rituals.



We believe that rituals are essential to our wellbeing and they bring us to the core of our humanness.

We regard the ability to create bespoke rituals to be so important and so rewarding that we have decided to not make any rituals at all - and instead we give the opportunity to you!

We believe in sharing our knowledge openly. Our ritual templates will always be available for free so that all communities can experience the power of rituals.

What we do is to create the circumstances in which you can make your own rituals: Mainly by designing ritual templates for you to make use of.

If you need support or feel that creating rituals is not your creative language: you are very welcome to give the opportunity back to us - we love making rituals and we are great at it. 

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A 19-paged Ritual Template to start the week together with your community

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Start Of Week Template

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